Prolefeed / War All The Time - Split LP

Prolefeed / War All The Time - Split LP
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Prolefeed / War All The Time - Split 12''


Newcastle vs Leeds Grindcoreviolence!! Prolefeed - Newcastle hardcore formed in 2012 with members of Sawn Off, Tide of Iron and Winds of Genocide. Released split seven inch with The Day Man Lost and a split tape with Heuristik. Blitzkrieged around the Uk a few times on tour. War All The Time - Leeds Hardcore formed ten years ago from the ashes of Boxed In by four veterans of the Uk hardcore scene. Share members with Kito and The Afternoon Gentlemen. Released a self titled album, Split 7inch with The Horror, Split 7inch with Whole In The Head and a Discography CD for when they toured South East Asia. Large no nonsense men from Yorkshire playing no nonsense hardcore.