Sgurd - st 7''

Sgurd - st 7''
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Sgurd - st 7''


HARDCORE-PUNK - Debut 7" from this new Berlin-based project featuring Marco from Smart Cops and it looks like perhaps a few other Italians as well? Not really sure, but I am sure that this rips. Sgurd have a really cool sound that kind of falls between a lot of different genres. They remind me more than a little bit of the Repos in the way that I can hear elements of straight up early 80s hardcore in their sound along with subtle touches of youth crew (or, perhaps more appropriately, "pro-youth crew" like SSD or the Abused) and some of the neck-snapping changes of bands like Infest (though there's no blasting here at all). I really like the sense of wildness that's on display here... it definitely recalls classic Italian hardcore in that respect. Basically, at the end of the day this is just a ripping, totally intense hardcore record, and the fact that it features probably the best illustration I've seen yet from the Death Traitors dude pretty much seals the deal. If you're into Youth Attack's more intense HC bands like the Repos, Vile Gash, or Raw Nerve you should definitely give this a spin... it's a total banger.