Tropiezo - 3 Acordes En 45 Segundos LP

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Tropiezo - 3 Acordes En 45 Segundos LP
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Tropiezo - 3 Acordes En 45 Segundos LP


A 20th Anniversary LP compilation from this grinding, fast, and energetic hardcore-punk band from Bayamon, Puerto Rico.From the early 2000s through today, TROPIEZO has released 4 albums, 2 split CDs, 6 split 7"s, one 7", and two compilation tracks on many DIY punk labels from around the globe. Tropiezo has been a mainstay of hardcore/punk in Puerto Rico for 20 years now. This LP collects tracks from their releases over the years, showcasing the ripping energy of these punk lifers. This LPs was put out by numerous labels, including Discos De Hoy which is run by our friend Jose Ibanez (who also plays in the band!). Jose lives in Puerto Rico and has had his life totally upended in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.