Ursut - Köp Dig Lycklig LP

Ursut - Köp Dig Lycklig LP
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Ursut - Köp Dig Lycklig LP


Ursut is back to follow their 2012 debut album "Dårarnas Paradis". Ursut comes from Sweden, and features members of bands such as KONTROVERS and PROJECT HOPELESS. The music is in the same vein as before: crusty hardcore punk with multiple singers. Much like the members’ previous projects, Ursut plays pounding, blisteringly heavy hardcore in the now-classic Swedish tradition. Somewhat epic, somewhat metallic, yet still punk as fuck. "Köp Dig Lycklig" (Buy yourself happiness) is a thematic album dealing with power structures, neo-liberalism, capitalism and social stigma. Comes in very nice gatefold cover!